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What people think about Chef KK

Written by his previous customers that miss him and are waiting to join us at The Encanto Kitchen


Absolute fan of everything

“We love EVERYTHING, looking forward to the Chipotle prawns, steak/prawn fajitas and the ribs they are our favs 🥺🥺 or Courtenay’s shots 🤤 or Sex on the Beach lmao or Piña Colada…. yeah we want everything! 🤣”



A hungry follower.

“Chef KK’s cooking was the most authentic, tasty and perfectly-served mouth-watering Mexican food I have tasted in the UK!  We have ‘followed’ him and his cooking from KK’s, to Comamos, and are now looking forward to his next venture!

Book us a seat at the Grand Opening!”

~Robin Guy


Hot food handler

“I can’t wait! The best Mexican food I have ever tasted. Have not eaten food like Chef KKs ever before. I am so looking forward to dining with you. The street tacos and the hot sauce are waiting for me, I can feel it.”



Travelling Tex-Mexer

“I’ve enjoyed Tex-Mex food in many places, including Texas itself. For me, the very best Tex-Mex of all is prepared by the wonderful Chef KK. I particularly love the range of starters and the sizzling fajita combinations. Everything is made from quality ingredients, cooked to perfection and tastes absolutely delicious. It’s the sort of food you can look forward to as a real treat.”

~ Ian

Susan Shelley

The 3 course family

“The whole family are really looking forward to having the chicken nachos, delicious fajitas, and definitely the churros again!”

~ Susan Shelley